Restaurant & General Store will open Memorial Day Weekend! Table Rock Lake Restaurant

Welcome to Lakeside General Store


Who doesn't love an old fashioned General Store?

 We strive to keep the nostalgia of times past when you went into a lake store to find supplies and a little bit of everything! 

Why Come here?

. Whether you come into the General Store for Fishing Supplies, Lake Necessities, Food or Ice Cream or a snack you will find a family atmosphere with friendly faces and a unique place on Table Rock Lake. 


 Our "Man-Wall" has everything you need for fishing on Table Rock Lake. Need Bait? We've got that! Live Bait including Minnows, Jumbo Worms, Crickets, Chicken Livers, cut Shad, licenses as well as a large variety of tackle supplies specific for this lake. Need a battery or common boating supply? Chances are we have that too. We keep a good supply of apparel and hats and of course we have lots of ice and cold beverages. Our General Store is a great place to stop. 


 We also serve a variety of food including pizza, burgers & specialty sandwiches, made from scratch. 

Ice Cream parlor

 Enjoy a ice cold Keg Root-beer, milkshake and sundae made with delicious frozen custard, or a hand dipped Blue Bunny ice cream cone. Treats include a Coffee Bar, Dippin’ Dots, Hawaiian Shaved Ice and   Bavarian roasted nuts too!  

We have it all

Whether you need food or supplies, our General Store is the place to be. 

About Us



Table Rock Lake Resturant

The BEST Ice Cream


The Ice Cream is calling you!

Fishing Bait and Tackle


I caught a big one!


Daily 9:00 AM-9:00 PM Memorial to Labor day 

Lakeside Resort & Restaurant

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