Lakeside Restaurant

Resort & General Store

 Table Rock Lake, MO

Location & Hours

Joining us by Land...

Lakeside Resort & General Store

DD Hwy to Coney Island. Watch for the signs! They will lead you right to us!
153 Coney Dr.
Branson West, MO 65737

Joining us by Water...

Lakeside Resort & General Store
Across from marker Point 7--Look for the flashing open light! Secure your boat at our dock and come to the General Store. Have a family member that needs assistance with walking? Call us and we'll come to the dock and pick you up! We are the next cove past the big glass house on the same side of the lake heading towards the dam.

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May 2018
 30th & 31st   11am to 7 pm
June 2018
 1st  11am to 7 pm
2nd & 3rd 
8:30am to 9pm
4th - 8th 11am to 7pm
9th - 30th
8:30am to 9pm 
*Serving Breakfast on Weekends from 8:30am to 10:30am

July & August Hours
8:30am to 9pm

Thank You for supporting our
family business.

We appreciate your friendship!


Call ahead for carry out orders 
or for group reservations

Email us at


GPS Coordinates:  Lat 36.5934125  Long -93.3954671

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